Meet The OC

Orientation Officers 2017

Welcome 2021's! Meet your friendly neighbourhood Orientation Committee! We'll be reaching out to you throughout the summer to keep you informed on get-togethers, deadlines, and opportunities over the summer, in addition to facilitating your Orientation Week. We are here as a resource to you, so if you have any questions, please do no hesitate to reach out to us in person, or online at

In the meantime - meet your 2017 Orientation Officers (Double O's)! 

Arth Pahwa

Arth PahwaThis sassy and witty Goldmember of the 00’s lives for shenanigans, fine dining, and pop culture references. His sense of humor is perpetuated through articulate wordplay and "straight up savagery". If you have trouble identifying this International Man of Mystery, simply look for the blinding amount of red he adorns at any given time.  

The little we are certain about him is that his mixture of energy, enthusiasm, programming skills, and of course Mojo will definitely help make O-Week 2017 one of the best ones yet.

Alexis Fong

Alexis FongThis supervisory creature can be observed in her natural habitat, which consists of one single spot in the back left of the Katz atrium where she hordes hashbrowns for winter. Her team contributions include her large oversight on all team activities and stomping on any bad ideas that Rahul comes up with. Her extensive marketing experience along with her continued passion for responsible budgeting make her a foundational member of the Double 0s.

Alexis is from Calgary, Alberta with and undergraduate degree in Life Sciences from Queen's University. Her hobbies include crocheting, baking, photography, photoshop, and marketing. A self-proclaimed "athlete" from her cup-stacking days (in elementary school), and hand-eye coordination skills that led her all the way to provincials. 

Brenda Lam

Brenda LamBrenda Bear brings her love of dogs, sashimi, and video games to the table. You'll spot her about campus munching on food half the time and ordering food the other half.

Born and raised in a Edmonton, toddler Brenda picked up the piano and never really let go ever since. She loves "long walks on the beach" in Cuba and Brazil, but loved her trip to New York last year too! If anyone needs a food-tasting buddy, she's the one to ask and will come running from a mile away for food. If anyone has a dog or baby, she'll run over for that too. She has a Bachelor of Science degree, completed her ARCT and LRCM in Piano Performance, and also holds an ARCT in Elementary Piano Pedagogy. She is super excited to meet the new class of 2021 and can't wait to help them transition into med!

James Gilbertson

James Gilbertson"James brings diversity to our team in his expert knowledge of caramel brulee lattes, blackberry smartphones, and country music."

With five-years of experience coaching competitive soccer, James brings valuable insight to the team for organizing team-building events, tournaments, coordinating schedules, and eliciting sponsorships (snagging a legendary previous Subway soccer sponsorship). He additionally brings "moderate enthusiasm" and energy to the team.

James hails from Calgary, Alberta, where he first attempted to get a degree in biology from UofC. Alas, after losing his passion for photosynthesis, James transferred into Kinesiology where he studied how to lift heavy things up and put them back down. In his free time, he enjoys soccer, hiking, backpacking, shopping at Banana Republic, and using steep lines-of-credit.

Rahul Moorjani

Rahul MoorjaniMuch like the man himself, Rahul is intelligent, witty, and arguably charming. Coincidentally, his favourite car is an Aston Martin DBS, and his favourite drink is a Martini (shaken, not stirred). 🍸

Originally from Mumbai, India, Rahul moved to Calgary when he was 12. He lost a piece of paper that stated he holds a Bachelor of Science from the UofC, so no one is quite sure of his academic credentials. As a former personal trainer, Rahul enjoys working out, and spends the rest of his free time thinking about cars he can’t afford, reading and hanging out with his friends.

Rahul brings his fun, passionate and enthusiastic personality to the team. His dynamic and high energy nature helps keep the team motivated, as well as focused. He also brings his extensive leadership and collaboration experience to the table. There is not much else we know about him, but some say he's wanted by the CIA, and that he sleeps upside down like a bat...