MSA Council Projects

The MSA Council has elected/appointed positions that include medical student and community engagement as part of their portfolio. These representatives fulfill their roles on council by carrying out a diverse range of initiatives that include fundraisers, sporting events, student resources, health promotion, etc.

Any MSA Council Member who would like to share their current projects is encouraged to do so here by contacting MSA VP External, Swati Chavda, at

AMSCAR Committee

Leaders: Krista Bruce, Ivanna Kruhlak, Carly Yim and Swati Chavda 
AMSCAR Dates: February 10-12, 2017

Alberta Medical Students' Conference And Retreat (AMSCAR), developed to help promote medical student health and wellness, is truly a one of a kind conference weekend for Albertan medical students. On February 10-12, 2017, the annual tradition will continue, as U of A and U of C medical students will head to Banff for an amazing weekend filled with learning, professional development, and celebration!

Upon arrival, the energy at AMSCAR is incredible, as students take full advantage of the welcome reception and celebrations to catch up with each-other, and also begin meeting students from the U of C. Saturday is filled with a diverse range of conference sessions that students can participate in, including yoga, mindfulness, financial management, clinical skills, charcoal sketching, sexual health, nutrition, fitness classes and many more! Throughout the rest of the weekend, students experience the best Banff has to offer by hitting the slopes, visiting the hot springs, and exploring the town. This weekend is a highlight of your undergraduate medical experience, you don’t want to miss it! 

Community Health Reps

Senior Representatives: Asha Lal and Kirsten Puznak
Junior Representatives: Amanda Lee and Joey Poon 

Community Health Reps sit on both Class Council and the MSA Council. The role of the reps is to promote and encourage medical student involvement in various initiatives affecting the community.

Annual Projects:

  • Human Sexuality Program: Volunteer medical students are trained to deliver sexual health education presentations to junior high school students in Edmonton. The presentation content is designed to cover material not regularly touched upon in standard school curricula.Topics include pregnancy and parenting, contraception, communication, sexually transmitted infections, and sexual decision making.
  • Sun Safety Presentations: Students work on an interdisciplinary team to deliver exciting, interactive presentations to Edmonton’s youth that focus on teaching sun safe attitudes and behaviors as well as introducing basic scientific information about UV light and skin cancers. The overall program goal is to promote both skin cancer awareness and to equip students with the knowledge and tools necessary to decrease both skin cancer incidence and skin cancer death.

Health and Wellness Reps

Senior Representatives: Paxton Ting and Henry Wiebe 
Junior Representatives: Kristin O'Neill and Deb Adesegun 

The role of the well being representatives are to act as a source of information and support regarding general health and wellness. Health and Wellness representatives sit on both the class council and MSA class council.

Annual Events:
  • Balance Night is meant to be an evening for medical students to get away from studying or school responsibilities to participate in new activities and learn how to adopt a more balanced lifestyle. Activities are meant to expand students' interests and engage students in a relaxed, friendly environment.

MSA Sports Reps

Leaders: Colton Lewis and Kaitlin Thomas 

The MSA Sports Reps have four main events to coordinate throughout the year: Icebowl, Winter Classic, Ski Trip, and Interphase. There are other initiatives that the sports reps pursue such as MedGames and Medball.

Annual Events:

  • Icebowl is a yearly event held in various cities across Western/Central Canada and is centered around fun, sport, and getting to know your future colleagues. Each University enters up to 3 hockey teams - a mens competitive, non competitive and a womens team, sends as many fans as possible and the weekend tournament is set! Both Friday and Saturday night we have parties planned, as well as other events throughout the days.
  • Winter Classic pits the first and second years together in both a men’s and women’s hockey game to claim top preclerkship class glory.  Games are usually held at Clare Drake arena in early December.
  • Ski Trip is the annual shreddin’ excursion to the mountains. Time and location of this event vary year-to-year but fun times in the snow are standard.  
  • Interphase is a weekend of hockey between the various classes. Includes competitive, non-competitive, women's and the always entertaining, boys who can't skate.


Senior: Darby Bronx, Vedur Verma, Uday Mann, Ayesha Nazarali and Amy Cook   
Junior: Breanna McSweeney, Cailey Turner, Melissa Pyrch, Sean Wallace and Bridget Hooper

Annual Events:

  • MedFormal is an annual University of Alberta Medical School tradition, bringing together all four medical classes and faculty members. Attendees enjoy an evening of fine dining, dancing, and entertainment--including performances by the student choir and jazz band, showcases of student talents and the presentation of MSA awards. The night continues with profound and amusing speeches from faculty keynote speakers. Come dressed to the nines and enjoy one of the most highly anticipated celebrations of the year! This night of fun is sure to warm up your cold Alberta winter!