Event Planning

Event Planning Check List

Please use the following Event Planning Checklist and Form when organizing any events endorsed by the MSA. Any questions can be directed to VP Student Affairs. Please ensure sufficient time to complete all forms and checklists and get appropriate help for any unclear areas.

Off Campus or Alcoholic Events

Please note that all off-campus and/or events serving alcohol must be organized and a form submitted a minimum of 6 weeks in advance.

On Campus, Dry Events

You DO NOT need to fill out this form if your event fits the following description: on campus with no alcohol and no risky activity (i.e. lunch hour talks do not need to complete this form). You can proceed directly to the "Event Submission" to submit your event to the calendar. To submit to The Steth eNewsletter, please go to The Steth tab on the MSA website.

*YOU SHOULD complete this form if your event includes one or more of the following: is off campus, and/or with alcohol, and/or with physical activity, and/or risky activity.

Instructions - 2015/2016

Event Planning Check List

Event Planning Form - Please fill out and submit to VP Student Affairs