Community Engagement Team

Position Student Representatives  Contact 
Vice-President Community Engagement Nikita-Kiran Singh
Local Office of Global Health Education (LOGHE)

Nikita-Kiran Singh

Emily Fong

Local Exchange Officers (LEO)

Jeremy Soo (Sr.)

Chen Jin (Jr.)

Local Officers for Sexual & Reproductive Health (LORSH)

Derek Fehr (Sr.)

Sarah Kent (Jr.)

Global Health Advocates (GHA)

Finola Hackett (Sr.)

Victoria Elliot (Jr.)

Local Officer of Indigenous Health (LOIH)

Kai Homer (Sr.)

Michelle LeBreton (Jr.)

Community Service Learning Coordinator  Alex Bain 
SHINE Representative

Daman Goondi (Sr.)

Alex Wong (Jr.)

Local Officer of Inner City Health 

Shez Kassam (Sr.)

Lori Hart (Jr.)

VP Community Engagement 

This MSA executive position serves as the contact between our students, the FoMD’s Division of Community Engagement, and the Canadian Federation of Medical Students Global Health Program. It helps coordinate all events, electives, initiatives, and exchanges that fall within community engagement. This year, a major initiative is to begin implementing a Special Training in Community Engagement program as well as to strengthen the international electives. If you have any questions about the Global Health program, the team, or would like to get involved, please contact

Local Officer of Global Health Education (LOGHE)

This position manages all education-related activities within the global health team. It corresponds with the National Officer of Global Health Education of the CFMS and LOGHEs from other medical schools, in addition to students and faculty in order to bring students the best possible access to global health knowledge. For those of you interested in completing an international elective, the LOGHE position coordinates pre-departure training, global health elective sessions, and post-departure debriefing. 

Local Exchange Officer (LEO)

The CFMS has an excellent exchange program that enables Canadian medical students to participate in research or clinical exchanges to foreign countries. This role collaborates with the National Exchange Officers of the CFMS and LEOs from other medical schools to help facilitate these exchanges. If you have any questions, contact, or the incoming junior officer at Exchange resources can also be found on the MSA site.

Local Officer of Reproductive and Sexual Health (LORSH)

In this position, there are opportunities to advocate for the importance of healthy and non-judgmental sexual and reproductive health. Some areas of interest include access to birth control, access to abortion services, sexual abuse, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, and discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation. Some of the events that have been organized in the past include lunch-time presentations, small group sessions, photo campaigns, concerts and plays. The senior and junior LORSHs also work with the National Officer of Reproductive and Sexual Health (NORSH) and the LORSHs from other medical schools across Canada to share ideas and become involved in national initiatives. 

Global Health Advocate (GHA)

Medical students have a unique privilege and responsibility to advocate for vulnerable populations and global health equality. The Global Health Advocacy (GHA) program aims to equip students with the necessary skills to raise awareness on issues such as refugee health, homelessness, and pharmacare. In addition to engaging students at the University of Alberta, the GHA works with the National Officer of Human Rights and Peace of the CFMS and GHAs from other medical schools to collaborate on nation wide initiatives.  This past year the advocacy theme was "Immigrant and Refugee Health".  

Local Officer of Indigenous Health (LOIH)

This position coordinates educational opportunities on indigenous health and works with the National Officer of Indigenous Health in the CFMS to increase student awareness this important topic. Recently, the CFMS passed a position paper for the introduction of LOIHs at every Canadian Medical School.  This will help increase collaboration for nation wide projects across all medical schools.  

Community Service Learning Coordinator

The CSL program is a fairly new addition to the FoMD, which helps connect students with volunteering opportunities at local organizations/communities beyond their academic studies.  This volunteering can count towards the required elective hours in pre-clerkship years of the MD program.  

SHINE Representative 

The SHINE clinic, Student Health Initiative for the Needs of Edmonton, is a student run clinic for the under-served youth. Unfortunately, the clinic currently only offers dental services, however it will hopefully provide more medical care in the near future.  The SHINE representative works towards re-establishing the clinic as well as offering other opportunities for students to become involved with Inner City Health.  

Local Officer of Inner City Health 

This brand new addition to the Community Engagement team will serve as a resource to students interested in pursuing advocacy for Inner City Health.  The role will work with the Global Health Advocacy representatives and the Local Officers of Indigenous Health to provide a 12-hour elective that provides opportunity to learn about the resources available to Inner City patients.