Women in Medicine and Surgery

Greetings doctors-to-be!  


Welcome to the Women in Medicine and Surgery (WIMS) Club! This is Deb, Mimi, Patricia, Vivan and we are the club leaders of WIMS for this year.


We believe the 3 biggest challenges women in medicine face are:


1.  Balancing personal and professional time/life;

2.  Systemic unaccounted wage difference between male and female physicians;

3.  Deteriorating psychological health of female physicians due to the aforementioned stressors results in increased possibility of burnout, depression.


 Within the mandate of Women in Medicine and Surgery club’s mission, introductory sessions with residents in various surgical and medical residencies discussing the application process and expectations, hardships during residency, resources available for a successful residency, and what to expect post-residency will be scheduled. We believe that this is a cohesive approach to understanding medical and surgical residencies from an early stage to make an informed decision during medical school, especially if the students are interested in pursuing competitive specialties. Furthermore, this club aims to showcase successful female role models, in the avatar of both female residents and practicing physicians from a varied background in surgical and medical specializations who have taken on leadership roles in their respective chosen fields. Finally, discussions focused on current issues plaguing women in medicine and surgery, exemplified by gender-related wage gap, disproportionately low female applicants to surgery, and finding balance between administrative and leadership roles, patient care, and personal life will be encouraged within members of this club.


We look forward to meeting all of you in August!

Deb, Mimi, Patricia, Vivian