Urology Club

Hey there Urology fans!  Welcome to our club page.  We’re excited to be your club leaders for 2017-2018! The urology club is committed to providing opportunities for medical students to gain understanding and experience in the innovative specialty of urology. The field\ is a unique combination of both medicine and surgery, with real life practice often spanning this entire spectrum. Many urologic disorders are common, and a basic understanding of the area will immensely benefit medical trainees in their current educational environment as well as future career endeavors, regardless of whether the latter is eventually urology or another field of medical practice.  Urology is also often at the forefront of surgical innovation, where the opportunity for robotic assisted interventions is rapidly expanding! Whether you are seeking to get a better understanding of an unfamiliar field of medicine, or you are an aspiring future urologist, we welcome you to our club events throughout the year.

In the meantime, if you’re super keen and want to learn more about Urology on your own, check out the following links:

Canadian Medical Association

Canadian Urological Association

Association of American Medical Colleges

Enjoy your summers and see you in the fall!