Space Medicine Club

Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut? Or a flight surgeon? Have you ever gazed longingly and glassy-eyed at the stars in the middle of the night and wondered: “What is it like up there?”

If you said yes to any of those questions, or you just think space is cool, welcome to the Space Medicine Club!

We welcome everyone and anyone interested in learning more about the wonderful field of space medicine, or just space itself.

This year, we hope to host various talks delivered by flight surgeons, aerospace organizations, or staff physicians involved in the space industry. We also hope to host periodic discussion groups with like-minded space enthusiasts to chat about a wide variety of topics, such as the physiological and psychological effects of space travel, how to practice medicine in space, how space medicine is heavily interrelated with other aspects of medicine, and how the colonization of Mars could impact human health.

In addition, we will host events that definitely blow your mind… Stay tuned by coming over to sign up at our booth during O-Week!

Alanna Dunn
Garth Dyer
Elliott Li