Rural Medicine Interest Group

The University of Alberta’s Rural Medicine Interest Group (RMIG) is a student-run organization that promotes awareness on rural health. We work with our partners to inform students about upcoming events, scholarships and workshops in rural medicine.


All students enrolled in the MD program can join the U of A RMIG!


We have some exciting events planned for this year:


  • We will start the year with talks from the Office of Rural and Regional Health (ORRH) and the Rural Physician Action Plan (RPAP) – Come learn about the various opportunities to shadow physicians, apply for scholarships, participate in clinical skills weekends and more (while eating a delicious provided lunch!)!!
  • We are planning Clinical Skills weekends throughout the year, which involve learning new skills (like putting in an IV! and suturing!) and being introduced to a rural community. In addition, we will be organizing various talks throughout the year on topics such as life as a rural resident and CaRMS.


This year's leaders are Deanna Fernandes and Julia Kuzyk


For any questions about upcoming events or rural medicine in general, email us at

We would love to hear from you!