Psychiatry Club

Hey Psych enthusiasts! Welcome to the Psychiatry club, we are excited to show you all the possibilities this specialty holds. For the upcoming year, we have a few talks planned such as: “Intro to Psychiatry” where you’ll learn more about the specialty, “CARMs matching in Psychiatry” where you’ll learn about how the application process for Psychiatry works and what you can do to prepare,  “Pediatric Psychiatry”, and more! We’ll have residents and physicians join us for some of these talks so you can have a chance to ask them all those burning questions about matching and the Psych lifestyle! We’ll also provide you with an updated list of contacts for shadowing and completing those elective hours should you choose to do an elective in Psychiatry. Whether you’re set on psychiatry or just interested in learning more, you’re all more than welcome to join! Please feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions! We are super “psych-ed” to be your club leaders this year and to meet you all!


 - Annie, Joey, and Lucy