Ophthalmology Club

Hello Ophthalmology enthusiasts!


We are glad to serve as your MSA Ophthalmology Club leaders this year. The MSA Ophthalmology Club is dedicated to provide opportunities for students to gain exposure and technical skills in the field of ophthalmology, and to connect students with mentors. Throughout the school year, we will be working closely with the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences to host a variety of events such as staff physician talks, ophthalmology skills workshops, information sessions with residents, as well as additional interest sessions. Whether you are aspiring a career in ophthalmology or are simply interested in getting to know more about the field, you are more than welcome to join our events.


Staff Physician Talks
- Information sessions hosted by a staff physician to answer questions about the roles and responsibilities of an ophthalmologist

Ophthalmology Skills Workshop
- Skills session hosted by ophthalmology residents for some basic skills of an eye exam including; fundoscopy, how to take an eye pressure, and the basics of a slit lamp exam.

Resident Talks
- An information session hosted by an ophthalmology resident to give an overview of the ophthalmology residency program and to answer any questions about the life of a resident.


You can contact us at any one of our email addresses: abattist@ualberta.ca, jma6@ualberta.ca, or vora@ualberta.ca


Your club leaders,

Adrian Battiston, Jenny Ma, and Ami Vora