Oncology Club

Did you know: Approximately 39.6% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetimes.

Cancer is a very diverse and complicated disease. Our club seeks to explore the pathophysiology of the many different types of cancer as well as the therapies available for treatment. We aim to provide many learning opportunities for medical students interested in this discipline. Oncology is the last block to be covered in second year, so our goal is to foster interest in this field at an early stage of our education. Additionally, we hope to integrate clinical relevance to such topics by discussing the sequence of presentation, diagnosis, staging, to treatments including chemotherapy, radiation, hormonal, and newer biologic/immunologic therapeutics. How does a patient experience their cancer journey, and what is the physician’s role in managing patient care? We hope to address these questions and to explore the multidisciplinary specialities involved.

We also hope to establish a shadow base through the Cross Cancer Institute, so that those interested in observing practicing physicians and residents can learn more about the field. Finally, we aim to explore current research topics related to clinical trials currently being conducted here at the University of Alberta.

Nazlin, Tanner & Amanda