Obstetrics and Gynecology Club

OBS/GYNE can be divided into two: OBS (the care of pregnant woman pre-, during, and post-delivery), and GYNE (the care of women’s health, AKA the female reproductive system).

We are A FANTASTIC club here to help you learn more about the great specialty of OBS/GYNE. Our events will teach you about OBS/GYNE as a possible career, let you know all about shadowing, provide information regarding other beneficial opportunities (research, conferences, etc.), and host a number of awesome events to expose you to both the clinical skills and ethical dilemmas associated with the specialty.

Within OBS/GYN there are SO many different subspecialties to discover, some include: General obstetrics, Gynecologic oncology, Maternal fetal medicine, Reproductive endocrinology and infertility, Urogynecology, And more!

This year you can look forward to the following events, but become a part of emailing list so that you don’t miss any of our fun events!

1)     Introduction to OBS/GYNE and the hook ups for shadowing

2)     Day in the life of a resident

3)     Subspecialties in OBS/GYNE

4)     Clinical skills session

5)     Ethical dilemmas in the practice of OBS/GYN

6)     CaRMS match talk

If you have any questions, please contact Izzy (iem@ualberta.ca) or Sarah (sakent@ualberta.ca)!