Medical Genetics Club

Welcome Kara and Benny as the new leaders of the Medical Genetics Club for 2017/18!


Advances in molecular genetics are rapidly revolutionizing the practice of all medical specialties. Whether you’ve held a lifelong fascination with DNA or are just curious about the innovations that lie on the horizon, the Medical Genetics Club has an event for you! From exam review sessions covering genetics content, to presentations by patients with genetic diseases, to seminars featuring renowned researchers, our goal is to expand your understanding of the world of genetics. We’ll also be hosting talks by medical geneticists and will introduce students to the field of Medical Genetics, which is a free-standing Royal College specialty and can offer students rewarding, life-friendly careers.


For more information, or to join our mailing list, please contact the club leaders.


Watch The Steth and the 2021 Facebook page for upcoming events throughout the year.


Established 2013.