Hockey Club


Welcome one and all to the 2017-18 Hockey Club! This amazing club represents all things hockey! Our goal is to get as many med students interested in hockey as possible. If you played back in the day and are interested in strapping those skates back on, this club is for you! If you played high level hockey and want to continue to assert your dominance, this club is for you! And, if you have never skated before, or even never seen a pair of skates up close and want to learn the amazing sport that is hockey, this club is for you!

We will be holding numerous events throughout the year (and by events I mostly mean renting ice times) to give students a chance to scrape the proverbial rust off their game and/or a chance to learn any and all hockey skills for the first time. Later in the year once the ice cold temperatures of Edmonton that we all know and love arrive, we will be moving some events outdoor for some good fun at the ODR (OutDoor Rinks). We are also looking to organize a hockey pool, as well as an Oilers fans vs. Flames fans fight club (just kidding… or are we?).

Finally, we hope to organize some special events which are so super top secret that even WE don’t know what they are yet!

We hope this little blurb has piqued your interest in joining our club and once again, this club is for ALL skill levels (or lack thereof) so do not be shy about getting involved!