Geriatrics Club

The Geriatrics Club is an interest group to help promote and educate in the field of geriatrics, which is the branch of medicine (and social sciences) pertaining to the health and care of older populations. Geriatrics is a complex area that involves many different specialties and areas of knowledge. With the growing aging population here in Canada, health care providers trained in geriatrics are needed more than ever. This club aims to increase student exposure to and knowledge about the field of geriatrics and encourage them to consider it as a career option. Thus, we plan to hold a variety of events (with lots of food) for you throughout the year and we hope you attend!

Sign up for our mailing list in order to receive a list of geriatric healthcare professionals available for shadowing, and to stay updated on all the events we have planned for the year. If you have any ideas for events/talks, or suggestions for the club, we would also love to hear from you!

Lists of Events:

Intro to Geriatrics
Quality Improvement in Geriatrics
Family Medicine & Geriatrics
Palliative Care
Longitudinal Care & Assisted Living
Skills (Polypharmacy, wound care, etc.)


Alexis Fong-Lebouef & Linda Xia