French in Practice Club

Salut les futurs médecins!

This club’s focus is all about speaking some French, medicine, and having fun!

The goal is to practice French in the context of medicine. If you can speak a little French already that is awesome, but anyone is welcome! We will have some language tips and we will provide the medical vocabulary - most of us don’t learn that in school! You don’t need to be fluent (we are not), but we won't be formally "teaching" French either.

Our events will be casual and fun. Sometimes there will be food like fancy French cheese and other delicacies! There will be several events held over the year including:
• A French medical movie screening.
• French/Quebec food potluck.
• Monthly sessions to practice taking patient histories and oral case presentations in French. This will be based on the blocks that you will be in during the year so it will be relevant review for class as well!
• Contacts will be provided for students looking for shadowing experiences in francophone clinics.
• Also, brand new to this year, UME will be offering part of the medical curriculum, called Discovery Learning, in French!!! This will give you a chance to practice what you learn in class with your French peers and French doctors!!!

So, whether you want to do electives/research in French speaking countries, volunteer for Médecins Sans Frontières or just prepare for interactions with French patients, soyez la bienvenue :)

Medical Terminology Website References

We have found three really good references. It's pretty easy to find this stuff if you Google it, but these are some useful ones:

Good list of medical terminology in French, emphasis on anatomy

Very good to translate medical terms. Even gives you phrase, context, and some audio. Kind of a slow website though.

Best dictionary we know of because it also will translate simple phrases and give multiple examples of the word in context so you can find the one you’re looking for.

- Michelle, Courtney, Kristin