Clinical Skills Club

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Clinical Skills Club. This year we’re organizing events to help teach you skills and provide you advice that are not formally taught in the preclinical years of medical school.

Some of our ideas for the year include:

  1. Dedicated skills sessions such as learning proper suturing techniques and practicing placing IVs. We want to make sure that students not only learn the basic theory, but also have the opportunity to apply the skills as well.
  2. Lunch talks from third and fourth year medical students rotating through their clerkship and from residents with experience working in the clinical environment to share their words of wisdom.
  3. Review sessions to reinforce foundational skills of medical practice, such as EKG and Chest X-Ray interpretations.
  4. We will be collaborating with other clubs in the faculty of medicine to host these events.

We’re very open to your ideas and suggestions. Please contact us for any further comments or feedback. We look forward to working with you.

Brooke, Tanner, and Vivian