Climbing Club

Get your postal stamps, because it’s time to SEND IT!! Are you ready to say “I do” to climbing? Well it’s time to tie the knot!

Do you LOVE to have fun? You should come hang with us at the rock climbing gym!
“I’ve never rock climbed before” you may say, that’s okay! We will help you achieve new heights in your physical activity. “Please stop talking to me, Nolan” you also might say, and don’t worry -  we all feel the same way.

Besides our rock solid jokes (sans Nolan) you will learn a ton of fun new things! Whether you’ve never climbed on a wall, or if you’re an experienced climber there will be something for you to summit

  1. Bouldering: a great introduction to climbing: no gear required other than climbing shoes – which you can rent for a small fee
  2. Top-rope: lots of fun if you’re more into climbing the tall walls and being caught in the air if you fall
  3. Lead climbing: this one is a more advanced method of rope climbing

During the year we will look at organizing a top rope course and/or a lead climbing course. Please message us if you are interested so we can gauge interest. We will also send out various polls to see when works for people

Please feel free to join whenever your schedule allows as it is FREE (during the school year since you’re paying for it in your tuition).

For more information and if you wish to join the MSA Climbing Club email us:

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