Business in Medicine Club

Have you ever wondered how technology goes from the research bench, to global use? - or more importantly, have you ever wondered what might stop groundbreaking technology from reaching the world in time?

The Business in medicine club hopes to direct the gaze of future physicians towards the forces that rest outside medical institutions, yet influence their conduct. While researchers look to remove the veil of mystery that shrouds our world, business professionals look to accelerate the speed of innovation by addressing the bane of human existence, scarcity. By learning to understand the role of business in medicine, we as physicians can better manage resources and facilitate change. It is not enough to have solutions to problems, or cures for diseases, if they cannot exist in a world with limited resources. Even within a public healthcare system, medical discoveries and their large scale application is dependent on good business practice. If a service or technology is not profitable for sellers and affordable for consumers, it will not exist; where this gap does exist, knowledge of good business practice can act as a bridge. Future physicians have a responsibility to build a more efficient healthcare system while protecting the one we have from greed and exploitation, and as always, knowledge contains the power to do so.

The intention of this club is to provide a space for traditional lectures and seminars, as well as opportunities for individual and small group learning. Building an interest in business among students, as well as teaching practical business skills are the primary themes of this club. Topics that may be presented on include: the history of medical developments, recent medical startups, current problems in our healthcare system needing solutions, marketing in medicine, investing in medical technology, and more! If possible we would also like to expose medical students to new and useful resources, while fostering relationships between students and mentors in this field.