Board Game Club

Do you like board games, card games, or games of any kind? Do you want to meet and hangout with your classmates in a fun, relaxed setting? Want to establish your dominance settling Catan? Does nothing give your heart more joy than seeing the face of your enemies when you hit them with a pick up 4 in Uno? If you answered yes to any of these question, the Board Games Club is for you! We will be hosting events throughout the year where students from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry can come together and play games. We have over twenty games, ranging from Taboo to Dead of Winter to King of Tokyo, and we are constantly expanding our collection. You can even sign games out for your own use outside of our events. We will also be organizing Super Smash Bros. tournaments throughout the year, so stay tuned! Any questions about our events, ideas for our events, or ideas for new games for us to buy, feel free to contact any of us club leaders. We are very friendly and excited to meet you!

- Glynn, Cailey, Sean