Anaesthesia Club

The Anesthesia Club provides students with an opportunity to learn about the specialty of Anesthesia through a shadowbase, clinical skills sessions, and Q&A sessions with residents and clerks who matched to Anesthesia.   We hope to continue the great work that was done last year in the Anesthesia Club, and further develop it to allow students who have similar interests in the specialty to meet and learn together.  We hope to expand our knowledge of the field of Anesthesia through more talks with staff physicians and clinical skills sessions, as well as making lasting connections with those physicians.  Here are some of the events you can look forward to this year:

  • Lunchtime introduction to the specialty talk with FREE PIZZA (September/October)
  • Clinical skills session (IV starts/intubation/etc…) near the end/middle of Pulmonary block (March/April) to align with the first year curriculum
  • CaRMS Q&A session with 2018’s matched to Anesthesia (March/April)
  • Shadowbase!! (Second semester)

- Kirstin, Kevan, Bridget