Active Citizenship

Edmonton Healthcare Improvement Network (EHIN) 

The purpose of EHIN is to engage students in learning about the principles, methods, and tools for quality improvement through education and practice opportunities. We facilitate collaboration between students, faculty and professionals from Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Public Health, Business, Rehabilitation Sciences, Engineering, and Law in order to learn, collaborate, and implement quality improvement and patient safety initiatives.

Contact: Jennifer Croden ( and Stone Li ( 

The Sexual Orientation; Gender Identity Advocacy Group (SGA)

This group promotes best practices for the care of LGBTQ patients and the wellbeing of LGBTQ medical students, by organizing an annual conference (Inclusive Health: an LGBTQ Healthcare Primer) and by engaging faculty for the expansion of core curriculum on LGBTQ topics

Contact: Jordan Iannuzzi (, Jocylen Andruko (, Norah McKay (, Brandon Christensen (, Derek Fehr (, Troy Mitchel (, Megan Howlett (, Stephanie Booth (, and Alison Kemp (

Disability Dialogues

Disability Dialogues is an opportunity for medical students to hear from patients living with a disability and their family, perhaps even their physician or health care team as well! Anyone and everyone is welcome to come listen and ask questions. There might even be a bite or two to enjoy while you listen to these amazing patient stories.

Contact: Bailey Komishke ( and Stephanie Penner (

Canadian Doctors for Medicare

Canadian Doctors for Medicare (CDM) strives to provide a voice for Canadian doctors who want to strengthen and improve Canada's universal publicly-funded health care system by advocating for innovations in treatment and prevention services that are evidence-based and improve access, quality, equity and sustainability. A student chapter will foster improved education around health system issues for medical students, engage member students in health care projects, as well as provide training and mentorship to students who show a passion for health policy and health systems management. The chapter will be involved in the following activities: hosting monthly journal clubs, hosting information talks/workshops, organizing lobbying efforts, producing publishable content for media platforms, as well as supporting the national CDM goals and projects.

Contact: Peter Warrington ( and Qinya Zing ( 

NICU Playgroups & Family Support Program

NICU Playgroups & Family Support Program supports families as they make the transition from the NICU to their homes. With our biweekly playgroups, peer support buddies and telephone support service, families will always have access to support programs whenever they need it.

Contact: Supraja Rengan (

Students for Antimicrobial Stewardship Society (SASS) - University of Alberta Chapter

Students for Antimicrobial Stewardship (SASS) is a nation-wide student-lead organization dedicated to promoting antimicrobial stewardship among future healthcare providers. The mission of SASS is to advocate for proper use of antibiotics through a multidisciplinary and collaborative to bring this important issue to light at our school, and to provide education, support, and representation for this issue among the healthcare providers of the future. Further, SASS works to raise awareness of this important issue and represent students advocating for antimicrobial stewardship on national and international platforms including industry, medical organizations, educational institutions, and government.


Contact: Anna Whalen-Browne ( Cary Ma ( Rory Shott (


Starlight is a free performance camp for children with chronic illnesses. Directed by 2 medical students with extensive performance background whoa re advocating for arts and physical activity in children who may feel restricted by their illness. All of the workshops will be directed towards making the children feel like stars. The camp will comprise of cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, and fashion. This camp will gather approximately 40 participants each day over a weekend. Each day will follow the same organization but will target a different age group (5 to 9 and 10 to 14). The camp take place over the weekend of August 13th and 14th 2016. 


Medicine Sciences Workshop

The MSW provides a unique opportunity to experience the medical field first hand and is open to both high school and undergraduate students. Whether medicine has been a lifelong dream or just something you would like to learn more about, join us for our 3 hour workshops. They will consist of interactive demos and opportunities to try using medical equipment.

Contact: Amit Persad ( and Diya Shi ( 

Newcomers to Canada 

Newcomers to Canada Initiative (NCI) is a student-run initiative within the Medical Students’ Association of the University of Alberta that aims to engage medical students in immigrant and refugee health. One program of NCI is HealthLINC (Health Literacy and Information for Newcomers to Canada), an AMA-funded program that aims to provide information seminars and short workshops to newcomer individuals and families in Canada. Newcomers include new immigrants, refugees and temporary foreign workers, who are currently members of an underserved population in the context of health care, despite their booming population in Canada. HealthLINC provides information on the basic tenets of the Canadian health care system, range of coverage in drugs and services, organ donation, hospital services, 911/Ambulance services, “When to use the Emergency Room”, etc. These seminars will be followed by a free 10-15 minute computer-aided navigation of the Primary Care Network and other relevant sources in search of family doctors that are proximal to the client’s residence or workplace, to facilitate ease of healthcare access.

Students who are interested in refugee health and running a short monthly program should get in touch with any of the student leaders!

Contact: Karl Narvacan (, Christine Patterson ( and Shez Kassam ( 

Health Savvy Seniors  

Health Savvy Seniors (HSS) is an initiative aimed at empowering Edmonton seniors to improve their health through interactive multidisciplinary health education sessions. We present various topics at seniors homes throughout the year depending on the needs of the community. HSS provides a great opportunity for medical students to get involved in patient education, public speaking and health advocacy. The initiative was founded by internal medical residents two years ago and is co-led/ ran by a group of medical students each year. Dr. Aditi Amin (Chief Medical Resident) is the main resident involved. Last year, the student leader was Sarah Hanafi and this year I am taking charge. You can find more information at 

Contact: Caitlin Lee ( 


Minidocs is a one-day camp for kids ages 6-12 where we teach them about different body systems and clinical skills! It allows us to show our appreciation for the pediatric standardized patients who assist us in physical exam sessions during Year 2 and is a ton of fun for both the children and student volunteers involved! :)  

Contact: Mahabba Smoka ( and Matthew Siray ( 

The Artery 

The Artery is an annual art compilation featuring the works of medical and dental students of the University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. The book incorporates paintings, photography, poetry, recipes, and any other creative work produced by our student body. Our goal is to provide our students with a place to showcase our often forgotten artistic works as we focus on our often all-consuming studies. In the form of a 6"x8.5" coffee table book, each installment features a wide variety of topics and talent.

Contact: Katie Girgulis ( and Kate Faulder (